What is needed for me to to create an oil painting of your pet from one of your photos? Don’t worry, it’s not complicated!



A good photo choice is key to a successful portrait, but relax, it doesn’t need to be perfect! I need to be able to see the features clearly and it needs to be reasonably well lit. I can alter details, and the background doesn’t matter as much; I can change all that. Photos from your phone should be good enough, providing the they are not too small or blurry.

I am very happy to advise you on a suitable photo to paint from and help you choose. You might already have some good photos but if you don’t, here are some of my tips:

  • Make sure the lighting is good. The source of light should not be behind your pet. Natural light is your friend.
  • Focus on their eyes and expression – eyes are so important and lot of your pet’s personality is reflected in them.
  • Shoot when your pet is comfortable and natural and in their environment.
  • Relax and slow down! They can feel it if you are nervous.
  • Don’t rush it. Wait for the perfect moment, rather than commanding them to do a particular thing.
  • Photograph them on their level
  • To get their attention you can try to use a squeaky toy (or something similar). Assuming they won’t want to jump to get it!
  • Take more than one photo and choose the best
  • Reward them after the shot – they deserve it! 🙂



After the deposit is paid, I will start working on your painting. The painting itself won’t take longer than a couple of days, but it will need a couple of weeks to dry fully so I can varnish it for you. I use a professional artists’ varnish that will protect your painting and make sure it lasts for many decades to come.

Please check with me if you need your painting for a particular day, to make sure I have the availability. I wouldn’t want to let anyone down!



When your painting is finished I will send you a photo, so you can see the result and let me know what you think.

What happens if you are not completely happy? We can talk about it and see if I can make adjustments. But the best thing really is to give me a clear idea of what you would like from the start. It really matters to me that my clients are happy with their paintings.



I will send/deliver your painting as soon as the full price is paid. Payment can be made by PayPal, online or in person. I can deliver within north Wiltshire, otherwise I will send your painting carefully packed, tracked and insured by Royal Mail. Or you can pick it up in person if you would prefer that option.

The painting can also be sent as a gift – more details just a bit lower down this page!


Gift pet portrait


What a great present for someone you love! Surely that would beat a pair of socks! (Nothing against a good pair though.)

I am very happy to gift-wrap your painting before I send it and add a note from you – you could either send the note to me by post or I can print it and add it. Let me know if you have any special requirements.

Also, please make sure you allow enough time for me to paint it and let it dry properly, so do check with me first to see how long it would take.


Highly recommend, I had a present given to me, done by Jana from PetArt Studio. What can I say, the quality is incredible and the detail is impeccable, but the most impressive bits is she caught my beloved cats personality all in the image.

Highly Recommended to everyone.
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