My name is Jana Forsyth. I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic, but I have lived and created in Wiltshire, UK, since Spring 2013, currently I live in Devon and consider it my home now.

My painting and I have a long history together! My background has always been in art and design. My main passion is oil painting of any subject, but as I love painting animals particularly, I decided to make it a special project. You can have a look at my main art website. I can paint from photos or from “life”. Here is me painting in Cornwall on not so sunny day (and the sea run away), but loving every minute!


My goal isn’t to create a photograph-like painting (you already have the photo, right?), but to interpret the the character and personality of your pet in a loose and spontaneous style, with some areas in more detail. To me, that’s a winning combination: it adds another dimension, is fun and bring is all to life!

I paint in oils, and I do love to sketch in watercolour and line too, but I believe that oil paint lends itself very well to pet portraits as it’s perfect for capturing the fur as well as the details. It’s also the most stable and lasting medium of all.

Although I can paint “from life”, pets aren’t usually too good at sitting still long enough (who could blame them), so photos are the best option!

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