Pet Painting Professional art commission

It’s not just the likeness.
It’s about the relationship!

Finding out what kind of portrait you would love is essential to me.
In fact it’s a lot about capturing the special relationship you have with your pet, not just your pet’s likeness.

Hi, my name is Jana Forsyth

I can paint your pet

  • Experienced artist
  • I can paint any subject
  • Professional quality portrait
  • Personal approach

Why choose me?

To me pet portrait is more than just capturing the likeness and personality. I try to find out WHAT you want to capture in the portrait – what defines your relationship? What is important to you personally? Is it mainly just the likeness? Is it a special character trait? Is it a memory of a special moment or a place where you were together? Or all of the above? There are so many possibilities and it’s essential to choose the right photo and the right approach. I will be there to help you choose and to talk you through the process, finding out what would make the absolute best portrait of your pet so you really love it!

My way of painting is combining the traditional with contemporary, to really bring the painting to life. I usually work in a loose and spontaneous style, yet keeping some areas well defined – a winning combination that doesn’t just replicate the photo you already have.

What Is The Cost?

My prices start from £100 for a 8 x 6″ oil painting on board. You will get a professional quality painting that will put a smile on your face and will last for generations. I have decades of experience in oil painting of most subjects imaginable, including people portraits, landscapes, seascape etc.

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